Every Woman Should Have the Opportunity to Design Her Own Future


Catalyzing the Apparel Industry in Uganda

At MODO Collective, we create economic opportunities for women through fashion. We are building up the apparel industry by providing access to education and employment to female youth in our community.


MODO Academy equips unemployed female youth with skills in tailoring, fashion, and design to empower them to find employment in the apparel industry.

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MODO Factory works with local and global brands to produce 'made in Uganda' products. All products are made in an empowering and impactful way.

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MODO Designs is our in-house label that produces locally made workwear for the modern Ugandan woman. We are bringing 'made in Uganda' to Uganda.

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A Holistic Approach to Empowerment


The talent built in our academy funnels directly into our factory, and the profits from our factory support the training of more youth in our community.


Unlocking Jobs in our Community

In northern Uganda, where we operate, 60% of working-age women are unemployed. This is a huge barrier not only to the development of the apparel industry but to the development of Uganda as a whole.


Current Youth in our Training Program


Tailoring Jobs Created in our Factory


Average Increase in Income for Graduates


Total Ugandan Lives Impacted