Empowering women through training and employment in the fashion industry.





MODO Collective

Gulu, Uganda

MODO Collective is a social enterprise in Uganda fully focused on creating economic opportunity for female youth. We are boosting employment for women in northern Uganda through training and employment in the fashion industry.


A Holistic Approach to Empowerment


We equip unemployed youth in our community with skills in fashion, design, and tailoring to empower them to find dignified employment.


MODO creates jobs for women through our tailoring factory which produces garments for local and global fashion brands.


The first apparel produced in our factory was for our in-house label, MODO Designs, a workwear brand for the modern Ugandan woman.

MODO Academy

Find out how you can be a part of our collective impact and support youth in Uganda.

MODO Factory

Interested in manufacturing a 'made in Uganda' line? Learn more about our factory today.

MODO Designs

Check out our in-house collection of locally made goods here.

Our Story

Co-founders of MODO Collective, Susan Namirimu and Morgan Ginn, founded MODO out of their mutual passion for women's empowerment and fashion design.

The two both believe that by unlocking the potential of the apparel industry in Uganda they can create hundreds of jobs, primarily for female youth. Launching operations in 2020, MODO has created opportunity for 15 youth--empowering them with the ability to design their own future.

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