Our Team

Susan Namirimu


Susan grew up in the central region of Uganda but she has been living in Gulu for the past decade, where she has worked to create impact through tailoring and fashion. Susan realized what her community needed most was decent jobs and she believed the apparel industry could be a solution. Susan believes that by catalyzing the apparel industry in Uganda and training female youth in tailoring, MODO can unlock hundreds of jobs, primarily for female youth. 

Morgan Ginn


Morgan Ginn is a social entrepreneur dedicated to creating opportunities for women and girls globally. She is a Florida native who received her Bachelors in Advertising from the University of Florida. Shortly after graduating, Morgan moved to Uganda where she began her career in the social sector. In 2020, Morgan partnered with Susan Namirimu to launch MODO Collective to ensure that every woman has the opportunity to design her own future. Morgan operates on the belief that ‘all the boats rise with the tide’ and believes that MODO will be a catalyzing force in creating a more sustainable, more equitable, and more empowering fashion industry.