Empowering the Next Generation of Fashion Industry Leaders.

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Empowering female youth to build up the apparel industry in Uganda.

Local Tailoring Programs Do Not Work

50% of youth who go through local tailoring programs do not find decent employment upon graduating.

MODO Academy is changing this through our training program built on experiential education and skills-building. Our one-year program is 1/3 of the time and 1/2 the cost in comparison. After completion, our graduates are more advanced than students who go through the one-year program and 100% say they feel extremely confident in their ability to find work.


MODO Academy provides unemployed youth with a fast track to a career in the fashion industry.

Our graduates find employment either at our factory, other employers in our community, or they go on to start their own business.


Student goes on to start their own businesses equipped with a sewing machine from MODO, access to after support from our team, and she is connected to our supply chain resources. She is empowered.


Student joins our team at MODO factory as a tailor and makes a living wage while contributing to the manufacturing of garments for women-led brands locally and globally. She is able to provide for herself and her family.

Employment is Empowerment

We know that when a woman is employed she is empowered with the autonomy to make decisions over her own life and in her community. A job gives her the ability to design the future she envisions for herself.

Catalyzing the Apparel Industry in Uganda


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